This is the video we got of Vicki at the cottage. It opens with her making friends with some goats. It ends with her playing with Jack, the donkey.

It's 2 minutes and 50 seconds long. Click the picture to view the video from You Tube. I hope you like it!

*Opens in new window*

Disclaimer: No puppies were harmed in the making of this video.
The meals are cooked and the food is all gathered. The whole wheat bread should be done baking soon. I think my bread maker is broken. :(

We're almost set to go. I'm just going to pack my clothes and toiletries and hit the sack.

My friggin' back is still sore. It's been burning all night. I'm going to lie for a while and then finish getting stuff ready for the morning.

You won't hear from me till we get back on the 7th.

Enjoy your week! Think warm thoughts. :)
I think we've finally decided on what meals we're taking to the cottage. I bought a few groceries today, but my husband will have to pick up celery, green onions, and sweet corn (from a local farm) tomorrow. Breakfast is provided at the main house so we only have to worry about lunches and dinners.

Here's the plan: )

Of course this isn't written stone. We can easily change up the meals if we feel like something else one day. I figure the first day we'll want something quick and easy for lunch since we'll get there sometime in the late morning. Depending on how much corn my husband picks up, if the vendor is even open with this being the long weekend, we might add fresh corn to a few more meals as well.

Unless I change my mind about bringing a homemade soup and bread, I'll be spending all day making those tomorrow. We have another big ass pack of beef ribs in the freezer, so I will use them. My husband and I were disappointed in the ribs because they were quite fatty, and the bones were very large so it left little room for actual meat. I'm going to put them in the large roast pan in the oven with just a bit of water, and break them down. Once I have the meat off the bones, I'll use the "water" from the pan as the soup base, and I'll put it all in a big pot with veggies & herbs and simmer it for a few hours.

I am looking forward to the next few days like you wouldn't believe! Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays nice. I want to be able to swim, and so does Vicki. I haven' t been swimming since last year when we were there. Last year we went in September and the weather was great.



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