The trim gave me an enormous amount of difficulty. I struggled with that for most of the day. I did 2 coats on the baseboards, touched up the ceiling, and put a half-assed coat on the window frame. The window is already white, so you probably wouldn't notice anyways. I couldn't do anything with that bloody tape!!! I swear you'd think I buttered the walls before masking them. Frick!

I forgot about supper till almost 6:00pm, when we were both starving. It was Indian night, so I went all out. It took me 2 1/2 hours!! We finished eating around 9:00pm. Hubby had to go out, so he asked if I wanted anything. I said I wouldn't mind a dessert, but I feel guilty 'cause of our challenge. I told him if he could find something small, then go for it because I want to make muffins or a sweet bread in the next couple days. He said Baklava would be perfect, and would fit in with our Indian night. He came home with a mini log cake. lol Everything was closed early so he had to go to the grocery store.

I updated my menu, and the food inventory list. We changed a couple meals, but that's to be expected. Tomorrow I think we'll have to change our meal again because of all the leftovers from tonight. Yay! Leftovers!! LOL This is the first night, which is amazing because I got so used to cooking for 4 people just so we'd always have leftovers. Now our meals are perfect everytime for just the 2 of us.

I used [ profile] xtown_traffic's Kofta recipe. Thank you so much, it was wonderful! I changed the spices a bit just 'cause I didn't have everything. I used some coconut milk too. Cross that can off my inventory! lol It was wonderful over plain Basmati rice. :) Thank you for sharing it.

I am pretty bummed about the painting progress. *shakes fist at [ profile] kasey9kahne* I expected to be at least halfway done the living room/hallway. Oh well, at least I can set the dining room back up and move the living room furniture into it. I just have a couple red spots to touch up and it'll be good to go. I haven't even started on masking the others walls. And after the butterwall incident, I think I'm going to do the trim first this time around.

I think after I clean all the brushes and everything downstairs, I'm going to call it a night. I deserve a break!

PS The wall colour is called "Fiery Red" and the trim is called "Popped Corn." (There will be more pics once the furniture is back in.)
I updated my food inventory post tonight. It's going great so far. Woohoo, we made it past day 3! lol

Some of you have really taken an interest in this challenge. At first I thought you might find these posts annoying, but since the interest is high, I'll continue to post updates now and then. If any of you take on this challenge yourself, please let me know! I'd love to have a challenge buddy. hehe

For the first 3 days I didn't sit down and do up a menu. Bad, minxy! I did have a menu in my head though, but today is the last day I planned for, so now I must write one up for reals. I'm thinking I should have rules for this too. Like a cap on the amount of fresh items I can spend every week or two weeks. And how often we can buy junk food like chips, or items to make junk food like my cheesecake. Maybe I'll just put a general allowance on what we can spend per week, and if we go under it, then great. What do you think? If you'd like to share how much you spend on groceries, please do! I'd like to know some of your grocery spending habits too.

The Menu Past & Future )

And if anybody has any good recipes for ground beef (preferably using a minimal amount of ingredients) please post it or link it for me! Thanks!! I want to make a tuna casserole or a tuna pasta dish, but with all the tuna sandwiches hubby has been taking to work, I think he'll want to wait at least another week. lol
My husband and I want to spend less than we currently are. I think we could save a lot of money if we stop eating out and buying groceries we don’t really need. We could probably live off the food in our house for 3 months.

I love to cook, but one of my problems is that I have a hard time deciding what I want to eat. I have a habit of buying too much food just so that I have options. I love being able to cook whatever I feel like, whenever I want. Trouble is, we can never decide what we want, nor do we feel like cooking after we settled on something.

Truth be told, we didn’t always know what was available to us in the basement. We knew we had a lot of food in the house, but didn’t exactly know how much and of what we had. So last night I took an inventory of our stock.

My mission is going to be to buy as little food as I can until the cupboards in the house are bare. I will create a weekly meal plan (making sure I always have at least 3 days planned) in advance. We don’t usually eat breakfast, so I will plan for at least 3 lunches and 3 dinners. This will prove difficult when I’m working, so it will be very important for me to stick to a weekly meal plan. Hubby is going to have to help me out on some nights. I will also try to use my slow cooker more often because it will make cooking dinner easier.

Below the cut is the inventory of most of the food in the house. The list does not include fresh items stored in the fridge (milk, cheese, juice, vegetables, luncheon meat), staples (bread, potatoes, onions), snack foods (crackers, popcorn, pudding, jell-o), anything from my baking cupboard (cake mixes, muffin mixes, pie fillings), drinks (coffee, tea, iced tea, Kool-Aid), or pickles and condiments (homemade pickles, homemade jams, peanut butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish). The items that are on the list are frozen, dry, and canned goods that can be used to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We are ready for a natural disaster! )

This has really been an eye opener. I knew we had a lot of food, but I really had no idea! Who has 12 lbs of ground beef in their freezer? lol I know we’ll have to buy some other meats eventually just for variety, but we’ll see how long we can go with all the ground beef and the other meats we already have.

This entry will be tagged "food_inventory" so that I can easily find it. I will update it as I use up the food, or when I buy more food. Sine this is going to be quite challenging, I might also update on my progress using the tag "food_inventory" to make new posts.



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