Thank you!

Feb. 14th, 2007 10:38 pm
Thank you, [ profile] pantboyandpig, for the virtual gift! *hugs*


Dec. 31st, 2006 03:41 pm
I am slow to post this...

Thanks for the Christmas cards [ profile] nightshade_7976 & [ profile] meganleigh85!

And thank you [ profile] kawanee for the virtual gift!
Happy Holidays!!!


Look at me go!
We got 28 kids last night.


I bought enough candy for about 130 kids. Hubby is afraid he's going to eat it all. lol I'm glad there is some leftover for us to munch on, but I didn't want THAT much! lol

Well, it could've been due to a number of things... it was a Tuesday not a weekend, we didn't decorate, it was cold with light rain, and we don't have very many kids in our neighbourhood. I am disappointed none the less.

I filled my backpack with some loot bags and tried to pawn some off on my coworkers. They all say no because they have a lot of leftover candy at home too. One guy came and dropped a chocolate bar on my desk. I didn't even get a chance to say no thanks and show him my own bag of goodies. lol

Grrrrrrrr is anybody else getting an "invalid year argument" when they try to update their journal? Damn you LJ!!!
Last night I wanted to take a bath. I guess everyone else in the hotel had the same idea. After waiting around naked for more than an hour, I decided to use the kettle to fill the tub. I got my husband to make us a cup of tea and pour the remainder of the water into the tub... with me in it. Now I have a huge red spot on the side of my right knee, and a blister about the size of a loonie in the center. Ouchie!

This afternoon we went shopping and I looked at maternity clothes. I wanted to get a coat because I froze my butt last night when I took Vicki for a walk. The Bay wanted $300 - $400 for a winter jacket that I will wear for only 2 months of my life. Jees! So we looked through Sears even though they don't have a maternity department. I found a huge coat with a polar fleece liner for $113. It will last me from now till winter because it's got a lot of room for me to grow, and I can add or remove the liner according to the weather. I am really happy with it. :)

We just got back from School for Scoundrels. I have to say, it was really good! I thought it was going to be so-so, but I laughed so hard throughout the movie.

Tonight we're planning to go down to the hotel's restaurant for dinner. They start serving the Thanksgiving menu tonight so we're going for the turkey dinner. I wasn't going to cook a fancy dinner for us at home, so today we do our Thanksgiving holiday. I still can't decide what dessert I will end the meal with. Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crepe Cake, or Layered Maple and Chocolate Mousse Cake? Ah so hard to choose!
It's my mom, [ profile] phylsfrills's, birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Hope you have a great day! Lots of love from the 2 of us.

Heart Roses

Vicki turns 1 year old today. :) I didn't even realize that she was born on St. Patrick's Day last year. We picked her up on Victoria Day weekend, so that's how she got her name. Binka's birthday is this month as well, but we don't know the exact date; just that it was around the middle of March. Binka is 3 years old now. :) My babies are growing up. hehe

This is the first time I am logging on to the computer today. I've been spending so many hours working in the house, trying to get it to a finished state. The painting and all the touch-ups are done. The living room is 100% back to normal, and the dining room needs a good mopping. The closet still has to get sorted out, and all the tools and painting supplies have to be taken out to the garage. Add laundry, dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms, and that'll fill my day tomorrow. Hubby wants to go to a matine when he gets home from work. Should be fun! Tomorrow is my last day off. I can't believe how fast the last 2 weeks went. One week of that I worked non-stop from morning to night, every day.

I really need to think up a meal plan for this week coming up. Tomorrow I want to make some empanadas. I'll probably double it so there are enough for leftovers for a couple meals. My husband loves them, and they go quick. lol Tonight I made meatloaf, and packed hubby's lunch with leftovers. There is enough left in the fridge for 2 more meals. I also made a dozen blueberry muffins for breakfast for us. They smell wonderful! I was hoping to bake some peanut butter dog cookies tonight, but now the time is gone.

Pictures of the house might have to wait till next week now. I go back to work on Sunday, and tomorrow my whole day is filled. I don't think I'll have a chance to post pics tomorrow, but I'll try. The colours look deadly!! It feels like a brand new house. :D I love it!

I think I'll get started on the ensuite bathroom now. Good night!
Here are some pictures from yesterday as promised. +5 )

Last night was really nice and relaxing. We went to the gym first thing in the morning. After working out we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch. Holy moly food! And it was good food too! That was the biggest selection we've ever seen at a Chinese buffet before. They even had bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, and French fries. There were so many new things we've never had before. We didn't have room to try everything that we wanted. I missed an entire buffet table without realizing it. We will definitely be going back there in the future.

We were so full after lunch that we decided to postpone dinner. I made our "holiday meal" (that we would have had on Christmas) of chicken (with bacon under the skin), stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and carrots with raw onion. We had 2 drinks each before dinner, and that was it. Usually a drink or two make me tired, but not last night. We ate dinner around 9:30pm. I finished ALL the dishes before bed. Wow were there a lot dishes lol, but I washed as I was cooking so it didn't seem like much.

We toasted in the New Year in bed with some sparkling apple juice. It was the only bubbly we had chilled, but I didn't want anymore alcohol anyways. We did have cold wine, but hubby said it's not the same. lol I fell asleep to the movie hubby put in. "Maybe one of your resolutions should be to watch an entire movie before falling asleep."

We also managed to take down the Christmas tree and all the decorations yesterday. The living room seems so large now. I was going to take some pictures of the house fully decorated before Christmas, but then I lost motivation. I didn't put up half the decorations, and it didn't really feel like Christmas this year.

I got a couple more cards in the mail the other day. One from [ profile] kristy and another from [ profile] judevenn. Thank you both! Jude, )

The plan for today is to finish tidying the house. I've been craving chocolate cake so I might make one later. I've been working out regularly so I think I deserve some cake. ;) I only have a couple more days off so I should put my time to good use.

I cut a couple people from my list last night. It was nothing personal; I just didn't feel a connection to any of them. A lot of time has passed, but we never had any sort of interaction, and they didn't update their journals often (if at all). I haven't had my journal for a year yet, but some of them have been on my list since I started my journal and have not left me one comment, so to me it felt like a one sided effort towards a relationship. Some of you have second journals from a previous life that I might remove as well. If you plan to use it again, just let me know and I'll keep it friended. I'm just doing some New Year's cleaning. I'm also removing [ profile] randompost. Someone has gone and added [ profile] show_your_cock and I really don't want to see porn... especially not while I'm at work. Also, many people who belong to it who have friends only journals so plenty of those banners come up too.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an enjoyable night last night. I wish everyone the very best of luck in 2006!! Have a wonderful day!
I baked 5 more desserts last night.

Coffee Balls (actually, this one is a no bake dessert, but took the longest to make)
Cinnamon Swirls (mmmm cream cheese and cinnamon =) )
Snicker Doodles (my first time ever trying one of these)
White Chip Cookies (chocolate with white chocolate chips and chopped pecans)
Ginger Snaps (my first success with molasses! I rock! lol)

The Cinnamon Swirls had to be refrigerated overnight, so I baked those when I got up this afternoon.

I stayed up late because I like to prepare for my midnight shifts. It's easier on the body to stay up late, instead of waking up around 8:00am one day and then pulling an all-nighter the next.

I got the Cinnamon Swirl dough in the fridge and finished up the last of the dishes before crawling into bed at 3:15am. I'm used to falling asleep to the TV so I was a little miffed that the weather had conked out the satellite dish. I phoned hubby to say goodnight and he told me that the satellite problem was probably due to snow covering the dish. So I got out of bed, threw some clothes on, grabbed the outdoor broom, and headed around to the side of the house to look at the dish. "It's just a little over your head. You should be able to reach it, no problem." LOL Yeah right, I had to climb the fence! hehe But it worked, and I fell asleep by 4:00am to the sounds of CSI.

Once everyone from my shift is here (we all start at different times) I'll put out the cookies. I made them just to bring in to work... well, I hope there's a few left for hubby to eat at home too. :P I've only tried 3 of the 5, and a bite of one of hubby's.

I'm just wondering if there's anybody else without plans or working over Christmas. Anyone up for an internet contest of some sort? lol

I wonder if they're going to track Santa this year at work, like they have in the past. hehe Hope he treats everyone well this Christmas!
Christmas is just another day this year... except there're presents. Sadly, LJ won't be able to keep me occupied at work as usual since everybody seems to be gone. I have to find some interesting sites to visit at work that aren't blocked by our firewall.

On the way home from work I grabbed a steak & bag of potatoes. I had fried steak smothered in homemade gravy, and mashed potatoes with cheese, bacon bits, green onions, salt & pepper, and sour cream. I also picked up a roasting chicken to make a nice meal for hubby and I to enjoy on New Years. I couldn't believe that it cost as much as some turkeys, and it was smaller. We wouldn't be able to eat a turkey by ourselves so that's why I bought the chicken. It's large enough I can still stuff it.

Vicki opened ANOTHER present for me. >:[ It's a good thing I caught her when I did because she had just started to go to town on the package. I haven't finished opening it yet, but I think I know what it is.

Speaking of presents, my husband has been giving me a new present everyday since we opened gifts. Yesterday he gave me a large bamboo cooking spoon just before the end of my shift. It's dishwasher safe, stronger than the average wood, and doesn't stain. Today when he came in to work he plopped another gift on my desk. He rolled the gift in printer paper and wrote "I hate wrapping. Happy Holidays!" on the top. hehe I tore right beside the single piece of tape to discover a cheese grater. I needed a new cheese grater! This one is heavy duty metal and looks like it will last for years and years, unlike our plastic one. What a sweetie. ♥ He tells me he has another gift that he will give to me on Saturday night at work. I'm a little nervous about it. He's been asking me weird questions lately too. Not only that, but he got me way too much already! I'm grateful for everything though.

Oh, I got another card in the mail today. Thank you Velvet & Satinlinnea! hehe What a cute picture you enclosed with the card. I love it!

I gassed up the car on the way home so that's one less thing I have to do tomorrow. I did end up getting tomorrow off so I'm not working 6 straight 12 hour shifts in a row. Yay! I'm going to do some baking to bring in for my coworkers on Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day since I'll be working all 3 nights with a different group of people each time. Other than bake, I have to hit the bank. I also have to get more groceries for my lunches because I don't think any food joints will be open on either of those days. I would have picked up my lunch groceries today, but I don't want to get a hassle over the timelines when I submit my claim (I get reimbursed).

Hopefully we won't run out of milk or other necessities while the groceries stores are closed during the holidays. Gosh it's going to be a quiet season. I am saving a jar of marmalade for some friends. I'm hoping they can come to dinner after Christmas, when work slows down for my husband and I. If they are able to come I'd like to have a fondue night. I think that'd be fun. :) We shall see.

Binka has been overly affectionate tonight. She keeps pawing my face and giving me love bites. She's talking a lot too, although that's not unusual for her. lol I meowed back at her, then I wondered if maybe she was trying to mock me too.

Oh my eyes are getting droopy now. I'll start working on my recipe post. I'll have to work on the picture first. Hopefully I'll be awake enough to type out the recipe afterwards. :)
I gots me a new Christmas icon. I didn't make it, but Christmas is almost here and I needed one! It's cute, isn't? :P

My husband exchanged Vicki's sweater and he found a larger one of the same type. Woooooot! I'm so happy. It's purple and waaaaay cute. lol I'll get pictures for sure.... in a couple days.

I only made half the cookies of a double batch the other day. I left the dough in the fridge so I could bake the rest as soon as I got a chance. I don't have much time today till I have to go back to work, but I think I'll go finish them off now. Then I can take them with me to share with my coworkers. I might make another batch of my Butterscotch Confetti. That is my favourite dessert for the holidays. It's highly addictive!

Hey, I forgot to tell you all that we signed Vicki up for dog training. Holy freaking about time, eh?! hehe I'm so excited!! She'll be so distracted with all the other dogs there though..... but hopefully this will be great for her!

*B I G* *H U G S* go out to Velvet & Satincanadiandreamr for posting this to her journal!

I'll finish reading everyone from work tonight. Have a good day!

*runs off to bake cookies*
Just so you know where I am, I've been busy with holiday preparations. Wrapping, decorating, and baking has taken up a lot of my time. I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting much, but I've been very busy. I've been going steady for days now, and still trying to find time to go to the gym (except tonight since I'm working this week).

The Christmas cards I am preparing have taken me much longer than I thought. That's ok though, they're almost done and they're pretty cool. :) I have one more card left. The first person to ask for it (by comment in this post) will get a nice card from me. They'll be mailed out within the next couple of days. If you are interested, please comment here first (since it's not screened) to say you want a card, then leave me your address on this post. If you want to see if you're already getting one, check here.

In addition to being busy, the firewall at work has gotten crazy. I can read lj (and can log in), but I cannot comment. I sure hope they fix it. I'm very relieved that I can still read LJ at least. I've read everyone today, but I'm sorry there was no time to comment. Now that it's 10:30pm, I should be heading to bed because work is killer long!

I keep feeling the need to apologize because I've had people on my list before who did friends cuts if they didn't get a comment in 3 days. I don't have time for that nonsense. Life is more important and LJ is not always available.

Anyways, thanks for staying true to me and not my commenting frequency. lol I hope everyone enjoys the cards when you receive them. Good night!!
We signed up to a gym yesterday. I reaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy didn't want to because we have a home gym that we never use, and we could also use the gym at work. But, we did and I'm kinda happy because now I can walk into any group exercise program (like pilates or yoga) whenever it suits my schedule. We have full access to the entire gym and all programs, and that goes for all their gyms across Canada. So that's cool. We both got personal trainers too. I got the "12-pack" which is 12 one-on-one sessions with my personal trainer. My husband got the "6-pack." They should be calling us tomorrow to set-up our first sessions. We attended our first group exercise this morning called "Body Pump." It was a good over-all workout. We also picked up a free movie from the gym to watch tonight. The movie idea is their way of making sure you come back to the gym often. They are due in 2 days and you have to pay late fees. lol We plan to attend another class tomorrow called "Body Flow."

My tree is up! We set it up the night before last. I popped in some Christmas carols and did some more Christmas baking and wrapped up a couple gifts. I'll have to finish the wrapping today. Christmas is coming quickly, and I want to make sure the presents arrive on time through Canada Post. The cards are almost ready to be mailed. I'm just missing one thing... actually it's the key part lol... I still have to get a family photo. I'm hoping we can take a picture tonight when the lighting is nice. I'll probably light a fire too. :)

Speaking of Christmas cards, I got an adorable card from Velvet & Satinkattgrrl in the mail today. Thank you so much!!

My husband is still working on fixing his eBay order. That guy is still being a dickhead so I guess my husband has no choice but to file a complaint.

I'm going to go do some more wrapping now. Have a good day!
I am thinking about putting up my Christmas tree soon... like tonight or tomorrow. Is that crazy? I want to put it up while I am on days off. And I also want to get some nice holiday pictures to accompany my Christmas cards. I am nervous about having a tree up with Vicki around though. That could get very ugly. 0.o

I just bought Vicki this huge stocking from Walmart for about $7. It has about 5 large toys inside. The monster keeps growing. I just put a 20" collar on her. She's on the first notch so it should last her for a long time, if it's not the last one we buy.

I also got my pseudo niece some Christmas gifts, which was my main reason for going to Walmart. I hope she likes what I got her. Walmart has a poor selection for some reason. Thanks for all your suggestions, it really helped me decide what to get. I bought her a big toiletries kit (lotion, soap, shower gel, hair barrettes & elastics, puff, bath bomb), a beaded friendship bracelet kit, a fuzzy purple coin purse/key chain, a stuffed dog wrapped in cellophane with chocolates and a candy cane inside, and I also bought some extra chocolates and specialty candy canes for her and my nephew.

While I was out, I thought of a gift for my mother in law so I went ahead and bought it. I hope my husband approves since he's always fussy about what we get his parents. I still have the receipt to exchange it if he wants.

Hubby and I woke up around 3:30am this morning. He woke up when he heard the dog, and I woke up when he came back to the room. We both laid awake until 4:30 and then got up. He showered, took the dog out, fed the cats, and made me coffee. That was nice! I made myself a breakfast which is very unusual since we never eat breakfast. I shovelled the driveway with Vicki before going shopping. I think it's time for a nap now.
It's my handsome boy's birthday today, 14 Aug 05. Munchie is 3 years old. :D

Hard to believe he was this small...

That's Munchie with Bogey. Bogey was 20 years old in this picutre and passed away a few months later. Bogey was a small kitty. Munchie idolized Bogey and had to be with him all the time... even when Bogey was tired of his little friend. Munchie was about 3 months old in this picture. You can sort of see the grey stipe on his head, which has since disappeared.

And this is a picture I just took of my baby.
Happy Mother's Day!

To my mom, [ profile] phylsfrills,

and to my mother in-law, [ profile] mjfs2005

Lots of love from the 2 of us.


And a happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on my f-list.

It's my mother in-law's birthday.
Happy Birthday Marnie!!!
Hope you have a great day! Lots of love from the 2 of us.

Heart B-Day Cake Roses

Today is my baby's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!!

No, not the cat =^o^= teehee

Hubby & Cat

Sorry you had to work... See you soon. Mwuuuaaaaaahhhhh



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