I forgot to write about this...

When we were in Thunder Bay, I went shopping to kill some time while Steve helped clear out his mother's house. I got Serenity out of the car and was putting her in the stroller when I saw a women walking through the parking lot with a baby in a carrier. I was curious how old her baby was, and as I pushed Serenity closer, I realized this woman was carrying a dog.

Well, today when I was getting Vicki's dog food I saw that they now sell dog strollers. This just boggles my mind. I thought dogs needed the exercise, not be pushed and carried around like babies. Talk about spoiled. Not Vicki though, I make her walk. ;-)
Last night I wanted to take a bath. I guess everyone else in the hotel had the same idea. After waiting around naked for more than an hour, I decided to use the kettle to fill the tub. I got my husband to make us a cup of tea and pour the remainder of the water into the tub... with me in it. Now I have a huge red spot on the side of my right knee, and a blister about the size of a loonie in the center. Ouchie!

This afternoon we went shopping and I looked at maternity clothes. I wanted to get a coat because I froze my butt last night when I took Vicki for a walk. The Bay wanted $300 - $400 for a winter jacket that I will wear for only 2 months of my life. Jees! So we looked through Sears even though they don't have a maternity department. I found a huge coat with a polar fleece liner for $113. It will last me from now till winter because it's got a lot of room for me to grow, and I can add or remove the liner according to the weather. I am really happy with it. :)

We just got back from School for Scoundrels. I have to say, it was really good! I thought it was going to be so-so, but I laughed so hard throughout the movie.

Tonight we're planning to go down to the hotel's restaurant for dinner. They start serving the Thanksgiving menu tonight so we're going for the turkey dinner. I wasn't going to cook a fancy dinner for us at home, so today we do our Thanksgiving holiday. I still can't decide what dessert I will end the meal with. Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crepe Cake, or Layered Maple and Chocolate Mousse Cake? Ah so hard to choose!


Sep. 26th, 2006 07:35 pm
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Last night (early morning) I wrote in my other journal about my hands being stiff and sore and how that usually indicates rain. Well, today it's raining. Odd that I didn't feel it in my pelvis, but I guess having a baby in there changes sensations.

How did I miss this? FRNK Radio Of course I can't listen to voice posts at work, so I will have to wait till I am home to check it out. I am too chicken to make my own voice posts. lol

My husband has a blogging idea he wants me to partake in. I am going to play each of his games for an hour a piece, then post what I thought about them. Since I am not the target or typical gamer for his genre of games, it should be interesting.

I always feel behind on my picture posts. I promise pictures, then take weeks to get around to them. I'm sorry about that! I will try to catch up. Plus I have that video of Vicki playing with Jack at the farm I want to share.

This is my last shift for 12 days. *knock on wood* I'm working an extra shift on my next string too. I can't wait to go home in the morning. :D

Car Wash

Aug. 26th, 2006 03:14 pm
I did the car! I had a really bad sleep, tossed and turned all night, but somehow I managed to get out of bed at 7:30am. I had breakfast and got the cleaning supplies together, and by 8:30am I got started on the car. It took me 3 hours, but she is so shiny inside and out. I vaccumed, steam cleaned, washed all the windows, and scrubbed down the body. Maybe hubby will do the other car tomorrow? hahaha Maybe he can help me do it on Monday. It needs to get done just as bad.

I have laundry going. And now I am off to start supper - potato soup with bacon. I don't have a recipe, I'm just going to wing it.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cindy_reddeer for turning my picture into an icon for me. :D
We made some progress tonight. Hubby cleaned out the guest room. It had turned into a storage room (and Vicki's room). We still have to sweep and tidy in there and I'll have to wash the sheets on the bed because Vicki likes to sleep on the bed when we're not looking.

I hemmed the curtains we bought from Ikea. They hang on the landing to hide all our junk on the shelves above the stairs. They look real smart! I'm glad that's out of the way. I'll get pictures of it tomorrow (if I get a chance).

I haven't even started to sew the bunting bag yet. That'll stay on hold till after my mom leaves.

Still have to clean the bathrooms, and clean off the breakfast table. And yes, I still have to weed the gardens. :(

Been a busy few days.

I'm still getting used to my hair. It's still too short for me, but I am slowly adjusting to the feel of it. It never tangles, and it dries quick, so that's a positive thing about it. It is lighter too, and I'm saving money on shampoo. lol Oh and my husband loves it, so I can't complain about that! A few more inches and I will be able to fully accept it. lol

That's it for tonight. We're finally going to hit the hay after working around the house. Catch you all tomorrow!
Man, the new 10 digit dialing is sooooo annoying. #&^$%@ I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

I kept forgetting to post my disgust at that drunken idiot who pissed on the War Monument on Canada Day. Can you believe that??? How disrespectful!!! A lot of people don't know that it's not just a monument, but the burial site of The Unkown Soldier. When I came to Ottawa for Canada Day 6 years ago, I remember we went down to the monument after the fireworks and people were paying their respect and laying flags on the tomb. Other people were coming up and stealing the flags! We gave them shit and told them what the flags were for. They didn't know it was a grave and felt bad so they put the flags back right away and apologized to us. I can't believe what someone did to it this year. Their face was plastered all over the news, pictures of them caught with their dick hanging out. Here's the full article for anyone who's interested: Reward prompts callers to ID man desecrating war memorial

Oh yeah! I have some good news too. This isn't so new anymore, but I kept forgetting to update about it. Remember that girl who was murdered in my neighbourhood? (Click here to read my original post about it.) Jennifer Teague got off a late shift at Wendy's, and wasn't seen again for 10 days until they discovered body. Her neighbour had confessed to the murder. Aparently he was high when he did it. I've been waiting for a while for them to announce her killer. I feel better knowing that he knew her and it wasn't a random act. I hope he gets what he deserves. Here's the article on this news event for anyone who's interested: Teague's accused killer has court appearance

In other news, I took a video of Vicki and some random video of around the yard. I'm trying to download Windows Movie Maker, but I can't find the actual link to download it. It says to go to Windows Update, but I am having no luck finding the thing. I'm losing my patience. lol I hope to post it tonight anyways. Now my mouse is dying, so it looks like you'll have to wait a little while longer.



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