I am fuming. Why oh why did we ever use Rogers? They are the WORST company I have EVER dealt with. Time and time again, these people PISS me off. Sadly this is not the first time they have treated me like this. And this is not the first address we've used them at. It is the last though. This is what I just emailed them, poor grammar and all:

I have never in my life been given customer service as poor as the shit you have given me. We will never NEVER use your company again for anything.

Let me tell you my problem with you:
My husband is out of town on a military course. I am the one paying the bills, and have been for years. Yes, I pay YOU. We are moving next month from this house which we own together. My husband does not have the time or the ability to cancel the utilities, so I am taking care of all that for us. I could give you ANY piece of information your heart so desires to prove who I am. Marriage certificate? Phone number? My husband's birth date or his mother's maiden name? I spent half an hour on the phone with your customer service (if you can call it that!) being transferred around. Your last representative said that my call was as escalated as it could get and there was no higher person to speak to. She refused to let me cancel the account for the internet I use in MY HOUSE, that I PAY every month.

I just want it to be known that I do not appreciate you wasting my fucking time, and treating me like a nothing. We will never use rogers again for anything. You people are assholes. Go fuck yourself. :)

You can't of something, people!

would of would've (would have)
should of should've (should have)
could of could've (could have)

Guess my babies baby's gender.

tomarrow tomorrow

Definition of morrow: *click*
Defintion of marrow: *click*
Yes, I am going there. I've held my tongue on some of your journals, so I've decided to post my thoughts on it in my own journal. Our media keeps spoon feeding us this volatile topic and it doesn't seem to show signs of disappearing.

Warning: You will find all kinds of offensive things under this cut )
I will always help a friend in need. And I will put my money where my mouth is. I am just not buying this story. You can guarantee that if one of my pets was sick, it would be at the top of my journal. If I was going to cross post it to several communities, it's also a safe bet that my post would be public. Animals get sick. It's a fact of life. Sure, it's not fair, but it's also not fair to expect others to pay your vet bill.

When I first moved away from home I was 19 years old and making $7,000 annual (Canadian). I had 2 cats that I had since I was 5 years old, and a ferret that I had for a couple years, and I could not leave any of them behind. After months of applying I miraculously got approved for a Visa. I could never afford to use it, but it was there in case I needed it. I was so broke, that after paying my share of the rent and utilities, I'd have about $3 left for lunch. That $3 would last me all week. My cats had more food than I did because I made sure that they ate. I lived off potatoes, salads, and I'd cook hamburger helper and freeze it into tiny portions that would be my supper for a week. My ferret got sick on me twice. The first time it drained my bank account. I had a couple hundred saved up for when I first moved out that I planned to put towards household items like dishes, but the money had to go to her. About a year later she got sick again and died. My cats lived full healthy lives for several more years. Tigger passed at 19, and Bogey passed at 20 years old. I would have starved myself before I ever let any of my pets suffer in pain. They were my responsibility, and I treasured them.

The post I have mentioned was upsetting because it's not fair for someone to pull on people's heart strings and expect them to support a stranger's pet. I saw this post last night and came back to see if there were pictures, as she had promised. There are none. I considered donating a couple dollars, but something just didn't sit right. And after her reply, well, it isn't sitting any better.

If you cannot afford a pet, or you are not willing to spend your money on it, then you should give it away to someone who can afford to. I wouldn't be posting $800 wish lists or talk about buying dresses if my pets were sick. I gather that the money would be nice to have, but I don't think she needs it. I saw this scam before, and I will not buy into it. Just last month Vicki got sick. We had to pay $160 for an $8 Benadryl pill. It was totally unexpected, but you know, that's part of owning pets. While it was a bitch to have to shell out that money, I would never ask any of you to pay me back for it. Sure, it would be nice to get that money back, but it would be wrong of me to ask. Even though this is the internet, I still don't think it's acceptable.

I feel the same way about having kids. If you can't afford one, don't have one. If you accidentally conceive and wish to keep it, then it's your choice and you should own up to it. Don't complain about the costs, or ask strangers for money. It's your responsibility.

Maybe this seems a little harsh. I just think she should have gone to her first line of defence before posting in an internet community. Ask mom and dad or friends. If that doesn't work, get a credit card or a small loan from a bank. Certainly if I knew her in person as a friend or family member, I'd definitely help her. Heck, if she was on my friends list for a couple months I'd probably give some money. I would not be able to ask anyone for money if it was my cat though because I would make sure they were taken care of before I bought a new outfit. The lack of details, her personal journal posts, and the lack of pictures of the sick cat leave me suspicious. I stand by what I said... If you can't afford a pet, find a nice home for it.

That feels a little better.

Let me just say, today is the worst day to be out driving and getting groceries.
*ring ring*
Minxy: Hello?
Minxy: Hello??
*5 second delay*
Asshole: Hello?
Minxy: Yes?
Asshole: May I speak to nodeg?
Minxy: Who's calling please?
Asshole: My name is *some East Indian name*, and I am calling from Bell Mobility.
Minxy: Can you remove us from your calling list?
Asshole: Sure thing ma'am, but what's the magic word?
Minxy: Remove this number from your calling list. That is my right.
Asshole: Ma'am? What's the magic word?
Minxy: Remove me from your calling list. Thank you. BYE.

What a fucking asshole. Does he think he has some kind of power over me? That if I don't say "please," even though I was very polite and even had a nice tone to my voice, he will keep our number on the list? Go ahead buddy. You call my house and bug me, you don't answer when I pick up the phone, then you talk to me like I am fucking child. What the fuck makes you think I will suddenly want to become a customer of Bell Mobility the next time you call?
Pogo (online gaming site) kept crashing on me, so I stopped and went to LJ. As I was reading up on my friends page, the dog ran behind the computer, then backed up pulling a bunch of wires with her legs. Everything was fine so I went back to reading on LJ.

Then my husband said his computer started rebooting itself, but wouldn't load up. His computer is fried right now. He thinks he might have to format it, losing hours and hours of work & files.

After he told me his computer shutdown, my monitor shut off and my keyboard wasn't responding. The dog had yanked out the video card. My husband fixed it, so I'm back online. I hope it doesn't fry out later. :S

While my husband was working on my computer, I went to the laptop in the bedroom to let you all know that my computer was fried and I might not be around for a few days. Then the laptop fried on me! The laptop is about 6 years old now, so I guess it's time is up. I never wanted that piece of garbage in the first place, but my husband bought it against my wishes. I won't tell you how much that thing cost brand new 6 years ago. I don't even like thinking about it.

Ack anyways, I think it's a sign that I get out of the office and do something, so I'm going to do some cleaning, maybe cooking or baking too.

To top off all this BS, LJ is still working half-ass. Annnndddddd the eBay seller that I mentioned in my last post is giving my husband the run around. The guy is being a complete asshole about the mistake HE made. My husband might have to file a complaint through eBay and get his money back through PayPal's insurance. Either way, he's going to be out all the shipping costs.

Hopefully my husband can fix his computer, and that my computer doesn't have permanent damage (althought I'm sure it doesn't).

I think I need a drink.

The answer is: The dog got into the kleenex.
For fuck sakes, I can't make a cute little dumb post on my dog without it turning into fucking drama. Good grief, last I checked last night, someone was commenting about how repulsive it is that my dog eats cat shit and then started to lecture me on how I should raise her. The tone I got from it was that she was better than me.

I was very polite and explained that everything is normal at my house and I think blocking off my litter box is a bad idea. End of story.. Ooops No it wasn't. I come back and she deleted all her comments and removed me from her friends list.

OK, normally I don't fucking care because it's usually someone that I have nothing in common with anyways. I actually liked this woman, and I wasn't even the one to get into the drama with her. I was still sleeping! lol

Seriously, WTF???? )

I'm not going to reply to anybody's comment on my last post. I appreciate everything you guys have said. I know Vicki isn't repulsive and I'll still take her kisses. lmao Some of you have said that it's a defficiency in her diet, and I appreciate your knowledge. I never heard that before (well, I know the same is said about humans when they get cravings), but I know it's not uncommon for dogs to do this. Any humour you guys have given is also appreciated. I'm still laughing at how silly our pets are! [livejournal.com profile] flydovefly, thanks for giving your input. I agree with you completely and don't understand why she went off on you. And [livejournal.com profile] giruff, I am always happy to hear your thoughts because you have a lot of experience and I can learn from you.

While I'll continue to teach Vicki not to eat the cats' shit, I don't think I can stop her from sniffing their asses. lol
SCREW YOU! QUIT FUCKING CHEATING!! We just got even with them at 177 votes... that's 177 people I've recruited (through the help of my lovely f-list) to vote for Vicki. The scrabble idiots are just sitting there voting 178 times. I fucking give up. What's the point if they're going to cheat??
If you caught my last entry, you will notice that we are no longer in the lead. We litterally watched Spike go from 554 to 1805 1849 within half a fucking hour. They had to be cheating. That pisses me off. We were doing so well and now someone has to play unfair. Arghhhhhhhh!! I hope the poll really does log their IP because I would put the $25 prize on it! lol
In Merickville on Sunday, we stopped for a drink in a coffee shop and I grabbed the Ottawa Sun paper to read. The front-page story really bothered me. I didn’t read the whole article because I saw enough nonsense in the title. Strewn in big letters across the center of the page was a heading that read something like this: Read more... )
I periodically check to see who has added my high school. I just love this new school feature on LJ. ;) To my disappointment, I found a community called [livejournal.com profile] we_hate_tbay. They listed my school, so that's how I found this wonderful *snark* community. I really hope that whoever maintains it didn't actually go to my school.

Thunder Bay sucks so hard it embares

It whaaaaaa???

EDIT 1: It looks like this hate community is a work in progress. In the 3 or so times I visited the page, they've spelled "embarrass" 3 or so different (wrong) ways.

"Thunder Bay sucks so hard it embaresses a well trained whore.
Thunder Bay is shit and we want out."

EDIT 2: LOL Now there is a set of rules you must follow when you post.

"4. Type in proper English. I can get around misuse of the comma or other such things, but dont "type lyke dis" or I'll ban you. The end."

Bitch, please! Go back and finish your high school. Get that diploma. Maybe once you get a job you can actually afford to leave the city you hate so much.

I joke about Thunder Bay all the time, but I will not be embarrassed to admit that that's where I grew up. Actually, I am quite proud of that fact.
I forgot to mention in my last post about gas prices. Last week I filled the tank and paid $1.03 something per litre. Yesterday the gas price dropped to $0.974. Cars were literally lining around the block. I was like "Why are there so many people stopped?" Then I noticed the gas price. It was retarded.

I couldn't believe that people were willing to wait in an hour line-up just to save $2 on one tank. The idling cars were burning gas just waiting, so they probably came out even. Today it's back to $1.09 something. My husband said that he heard they are anticipating the gas price to go up to $1.70 something because of hurricane Rita. That's just fucking crazy. Why hasn't our government dropped / lowered the taxes on gas yet?
Dear Ottawa Motorists,

When you are driving through the city at 5:30am please turn OFF your high beams. The street lights are bright enough to light the road. If you still require to drive with your high beams on, please turn them off before you proceed to tail gate me.

If you are the car in front on the 417 on-ramp, please increase your speed so that I can merge safely onto the highway. An appropriate speed would be anything faster than 60km.

Thank you,

Road Rage Minxy


Attention Building Employees,

If you are only going up or down one floor, please use the stairs. It takes me too much time to stop on every single floor for you. I work around 2 floors everyday and I always take the stairs. I wish I worked a floor up from the main level so that I could take the stairs all the time. The only time I do take the elevator is when I have to go up or down 10 floors.

When you have to wait for an elevator, that means there are people inside it. Please step back away from the doors and let us out.

If you must stop to chit chat in the hallway, please move to a corner or somewhere else out of the way. It’s very annoying to have to squeeze through a crowd just to use the ladies room.


Stair Climbing Minxy


To The Manager Of The Grocery Store Near My House,

Please put out fresh bags of milk. It seems that every time I go to your store for milk, it’s all expiring present day or next day. Yesterday (06 Sep 05) my expiry options were: Jul 21, Sep 06, or Sep 09. As much as I like milk, I don’t think I can drink 4 litres in 2 1/2 days. If your milk doesn’t have an expiry tag (clip), please take it off the shelf rather than tying it in a knot and hoping some sucker will buy your rancid milk anyways.

A quick mopping on your floors wouldn’t hurt either.

Yours truly,

Grocery Shopping Minxy
I have a fucking headache. Can you tell? I was going to make lunch, but now I have to clean up a fucking plant. Oh great. The fucking dog puked all over the goddamn house too. I think I’m gonna be sick.

Kill. Me. Now.

Last night’s dinner was very good. There is nothing like fresh homemade garlic bread to round out a nice meal. The kabobs were rockin’ and the rice came out perfect. I served my mini cheesecakes for dessert.

I am so bored. I have no idea what, if anything, [livejournal.com profile] nodeg and I will do today.

I think there are a couple of movies out that I want to see. The last movie we saw was Unleashed, and I couldn’t believe how many punks put their stinky feet up on the back of the chairs. Gah, it’s my new biggest pet peeve. They don’t wait till the previews start, and they don’t even put their feet down when you go by to choose your seat. This one ass wouldn’t put his feet down when a girl was trying to sit, so she moved to the seat next to his feet and I can only imagine the smell she had to put up with because of those big sneakers by her head. Why is this is such a cool trend now? There was a guy in his mid 20’s who did this too... only he had these massive bare feet poking out of sandals. GROSS!
I love getting stuff in the mail. I hate waiting for it to get here, but I love receiving cards and packages in the mail. Even if I am not expecting anything I still like to check the mailbox... just in case. ;) What I hate about snail mail is that you can't block the "spam" from getting through. There are so many filters you can put on e-mail, why hasn't the postal service tried uprgading yet? I am tired of getting an envelope every week from Citi Financial, telling me I am pre-approved for their credit card. I keep sending them back asking to be removed from the mailing list... and next week I get a new one. Ugh, what don't they understand? Why doesn't Canada Post offer me the option to "block" them from mailing me? Or how about the loads of mail I get from the old owners of this house. It's been more than a year, and I still get mail for them. Why can't I block their mail? I am not an operation running to redirect other people's mail. And to those restaurants that send me the same flyer every other day: "If I wanted to eat there, I would look up your address and phone number!" Oh, and I love that the mailman brings me an unaddressed envelope every week for one of those match-maker agencies. Helloooooo? Happy family here! Puhlleeeze!

-End rant.



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