Kitty Cats

Jun. 2nd, 2007 12:26 pm
2 Pictures of the Love Birds )

Kitty Bunk

Dec. 9th, 2006 04:23 pm
These are pictures from Wednesday night, after I got the basinette put together.

What's that in the bottom? I think someone wants to test the weight limit, just to be safe. ;-) )

Kitty Love

Nov. 13th, 2006 11:46 am
I took these pictures on Friday (Nov 10th). It amazes me how much these two adore each other. They are an inseparable match made in heaven.

Spooning Kitties! )
I have to give a HUMONGOUS thanks to [ profile] canadiandreamr for getting me this room at such a great price. She's saving us $60 a night! The room is gorgeous too. I wish I had known there'd be a kitchenette with a microwave. The website for this hotel is kinda wonky. I found out they have wireless internet before we left so we packed the laptop. Now I have LJ to keep me company, so tonight I won't be too bored while my husband is at work.

Vicki has been driving me batty since we got here. The poor cats are still a bit freaked out and have spent the entire time under the beds. Anytime they try to come out, the damn dog chases them back under. Binka is getting to used to the room quicker than Munchie. She'll actually come up onto the bed with me when I call her. I can't get Munchie to move an inch under the bed. lol

When I took Vicki to go pee earlier, the lobby was full of people, a couple kids too. She gets so excited to see new people. I can control her, but she really fights her leash. When we came back in, I waited by the elevators to go back to our room. An old couple stood waiting for the elevator with me. I was not too pleased at the idea of sharing an elevator because every other time we got in it, she'd go nuts and jump around on the walls. I think she's curious of her own reflection because the elevators are mirrored. Anyways, the old man gets on and lets out a fart. Then says "She needs a better walk." I refrained from blurting out "You need some Gas-X." They get off on the 3rd floor while we had to go up several more flights inhaling his nasty ass smell he left behind.

EDIT: I should've mentioned that Vicki was behaving when the old man was around us. She was visibly excited, but sat and stayed put when I told her to. I just think that you shouldn't critisize someone unless you are perfect.

So my job now is try to keep Vicki away from the cat food in the kitchenette. We only brought enough for a couple days and that dog can chow it all down in seconds. Cat food is her favourite food. I'd pick the food up, but Munchie still hasn't gone in the kitchenette to find anything (litter, food, and water).

And while I'm talking about that dog, I'll tell you one of her latest habits. It's charming, really. If she has to go poo, she'll fart for about an hour before the urge hits her. You can tell she's going to ask to go soon because as soon as she farts, she bends herself in half and rests her nose against her butt cheek just taking it all in. Sometimes if it's really stinky she'll start biting her bum. Weird dog.

Love Nest

Aug. 9th, 2006 07:49 pm
Love Nest )
I hate going to work when I have to leave these little snuggle bums behind. I came home this morning to find them like this on the couch. lol I submitted the first one for the Animals round of [ profile] snapshot_hunter.

Typical Male & My Little Princess )
Binka, my sweet little girl, I love you, but when I'm trying to sleep after a midnight shift, please do not stand outside my bedroom door crying. Especially when I need my rest before another midnight shift. *yawn*

I started working on my "recipe collection" post. I have all the links done up, but I want to make it look a little neater than just a big list. I also have one more post to make to seperate a couple recipes. That's coming up next - stay tuned!

I got my "What's Cooking" Kraft magazine in the mail today. I grabbed it on my way out the door so that I'd have something to look forward to reading at work. :) These magazines are wonderful... and free!

So I finally landed myself a cold. People have been coming to work hacking up a storm for months, and now I've got it. Loverly. I don't know if I should be happy that I got right it before my days off so that I have time to rest it off, or if I should be annoyed that I got right before my days off and I'll have to take it easy. I have a couple big projects I wanted to work on around the house. *pops a cold tablet*

I hope hubby phones me soon. I haven't seen him much these last few days.
Vicki turns 1 year old today. :) I didn't even realize that she was born on St. Patrick's Day last year. We picked her up on Victoria Day weekend, so that's how she got her name. Binka's birthday is this month as well, but we don't know the exact date; just that it was around the middle of March. Binka is 3 years old now. :) My babies are growing up. hehe

This is the first time I am logging on to the computer today. I've been spending so many hours working in the house, trying to get it to a finished state. The painting and all the touch-ups are done. The living room is 100% back to normal, and the dining room needs a good mopping. The closet still has to get sorted out, and all the tools and painting supplies have to be taken out to the garage. Add laundry, dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms, and that'll fill my day tomorrow. Hubby wants to go to a matine when he gets home from work. Should be fun! Tomorrow is my last day off. I can't believe how fast the last 2 weeks went. One week of that I worked non-stop from morning to night, every day.

I really need to think up a meal plan for this week coming up. Tomorrow I want to make some empanadas. I'll probably double it so there are enough for leftovers for a couple meals. My husband loves them, and they go quick. lol Tonight I made meatloaf, and packed hubby's lunch with leftovers. There is enough left in the fridge for 2 more meals. I also made a dozen blueberry muffins for breakfast for us. They smell wonderful! I was hoping to bake some peanut butter dog cookies tonight, but now the time is gone.

Pictures of the house might have to wait till next week now. I go back to work on Sunday, and tomorrow my whole day is filled. I don't think I'll have a chance to post pics tomorrow, but I'll try. The colours look deadly!! It feels like a brand new house. :D I love it!

I think I'll get started on the ensuite bathroom now. Good night!
Here are more pictures for you. :) They are kinda random, however they do have a "painting" theme. You will see the old wall colour, my cats goofing around, and a glimpse of the new colour.

Hope you enjoy! (+8) )
Binka (our black cat) was trapped in our bedroom for a couple hours yesterday. You wouldn't think she'd pee after just a couple hours, but she was probably drinking out of the toilet in the ensuite. She's a toilet diver. Luckily she only left us a small puddle on the bed and it didn't penetrate through to the matress. We didn't find out till it was time to go to sleep and had to do a last minute sheet change. Pets are so fun! lol

Her heighness, Vicki, won't go poo for me this morning because it's raining. Unfortunately for her that means she has to stay in her crate until she goes because I know she will poo on the floor if I let her roam the house. She is a ticking time bomb right now!

Thanks again for all the recipes and meal ideas yesterday. And thanks to [ profile] mysticchyna for showing me this site that creates recipes based on what you have in your cupboard. Cooking By Numbers has been added to my favourites list.

I've gotten behind on lj. I posted a couple times yesterday, and that ate away most of the time I was online. My cheesecake post was the hardest because I had to edit and upload pictures, and write out the recipe from my head (before I forgot). I'm spending the morning going back and catching up on your posts.

We went to the gym yesterday. My arms are killing me. I haven't been to the gym in about a week ('cause of work & other stuff going on at the start of my leave) and was feeling really guilty! We're going again tonight. I don't know if I'm going to try to make it there every day on my leave, or every second day. I guess I'll shoot for everyday, unless I have plans... like painting which I haven't started yet.

And finally, there are some pros and cons with this 3 month challenge. I'd like to share them with you...

Pros and Cons )

Now I'm off to go catch up!
Here are some pictures from yesterday as promised. +5 )

I *tried* to make the bed after I washed laundry last night...

I saved the best pictures for last )
Every morning we feed Binka & Munchie canned food. They greet us at our bedroom door when they hear our first movements. My husband and I work shift work, often working opposite days, so we came up with a sign method to let each other know if the cats were fed or not. You cannot trust those 2 to be truthful. They will team up and do a pretty good job of acting like starving cats who haven’t been fed yet.

Here’s the sign I made...

Front & Back of Cat Sign )
The 3 monsters took their turns ripping the old cardboard box to pieces. Lucky for the cats though, we got another box in the mail. This time Binka posed pretty for me. Below are some pictures of her in the box, and a couple of her in their whicker bed outside on the deck.

♥ My Baby Girl ♥ )
Binka and Munchie were out on the deck for most of the day. I walked into the family room and I could hear a weird buzzing noise. I looked out on the deck and there was Binka playing with a bee while Munchie sat watching and waiting for his turn. She was bouncing it like a basket ball. The thing was HUGE… the size of a loony! I stopped her before she got stung. Whew! I yelled and she let it go and it zipped up and hit the roof of the deck. It couldn’t find it’s way out so I had to bring the cats in.

The cats are so respectful of each other. We bought this toy for them that has a piece of furry fabric dangling from the end of a stick. I can play with them both at once because they patiently wait their turn. I wave it in front of Munchie and he plays while Binka just waits her turn, and vice versa. They are so sweet.

Binka is starting to show that she is jealous of the puppy. Whenever I am on the floor playing with Vicki, Binka comes running over to us. Normally Binka can’t stand to be near the puppy because the puppy plays too rough. lol Binka has always followed me around and sat on my lap. Munchie is his own cat, but he sits on my husband more than he does me. Both cats have surprised me with how well they took to Vicki. Munchie sure puts up with a lot of abuse from her too. lol He’ll usually play back until he’s had enough. Binka takes off running, usually jumping up onto something high or sitting on the stairs.

Vicki is learning very quickly. We’ve only had her for 4 1/2 days and she no longer whines or barks in her crate. Well, she hasn’t stopped completely, but she only does it now when she needs to go potty. She doesn’t even whimper when we walk past her anymore. I taught her to sit yesterday. She’s so smart. :D She is very stubborn, as my husband likes to point out. lol She knows how to sit, but will only do it about 80% of the times I ask her. She gets too distracted, and has too much energy to just sit down!

She likes to curl in our laps when we sit on the floor to play with her. It’s the cutest thing ever. She’s so small right now, so it’s ok. I can just picture an 80lb Vicki trying to sit on my lap... it ain’t gonna happen! lol Not with my hip. Right now, she is content to just sit on us for as long as we let her, but she still loves to run and play!

It’s been a long time since I owned a dog. I forgot how gross pigs ears get after a few days. Ewwww!

It’s so gorgeous outside right now. I am at work, in the dark, with no windows. *sigh* It’s gonna be a long night… but I suppose all night shifts are.
I don't have many good pictures of Binka because her fur is black and she never shows up well in the lighting. After she got a new collar, I thought a photo shoot was in order. She is soooo cute! Here she is. Enjoy! )
Munch has settled down. He is no longer destroying furniture. :))


You can barely see her in these photos, but Binka is there. ;) )
It's too frickin' cold out to let them out on the patio! Munchie keeps clawing the couch to get my attention. He's in a mood because normally he would be bird-watching *outside* about now. He's driving me bonkers!
Here are my kittens, Binka (black) & Munchie (white).

*Clickity*Click* )



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