A friend of mine is trying to raise money to save an old theatre in Boston. He's been trying to gain coverage and raise money for this cause because he believes The Brattle Theater can be saved. They need $400,000US by the end of the year or it will be shut down permanently.

If you would like to help in this cause, even if you can give just a dollar, please visit Velvet & Satinanomie666's secure donation page.

You can also help out and get something back by shopping on eBay. A seller is listing some anime cels, and all profits (minus the shipping) will go towards saving The Brattle. The ones I recognize are Trigun, Lain, and Sailor Moon.

Without Velvet & Satinanomie666's help, Vicki would not have made Cutest Pooch of the Month. I support him and this cause, and I hope you can too.
This year was an unusual Remembrance Day for my husband and I. Normally we are standing on parade to honour those who fell in conflict. We both belong to units that work shifts, and as luck would have it, we were both off shift. I miss being on parade and celebrating afterwards. My favourite part is going to the legions and having a drink with the veterans. I enjoy talking to the brave men and women that served this country before me. I especially love dancing with the old men. This year we didn't do Remembrance Day, but went out to a restaurant instead. I wanted to make a post, to type out something meaningful and heartfelt, but I had nothing to say.

On my lunch break today,  )



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