We bought all our newborn cloth diapers last night. Do you think Munchie will let me practice my folding technique on him? Hubby said Binka might be a better choice. She doesn't put up a fight when I clip her nails.

We're going to see The Prestige this afternoon. And no, it has nothing to do with Hugh Jackman starring in it. ;-) I can't wait to get some popcorn!
We saw Zorro this afternoon. It was good... long, but good. Zeta's accent, to me, seemed rather forced and would come and go. The kid was played up a bit, but he did give the character a cute personality. Despite the brain rattling volume of the speakers, our theatre experience was one of the better ones we've had. There are only 7 screens, but it wasn't very crowded today. Of course, it could be due to the fact that we went to the 3:30pm show when there were no teenagers out. The movie was PG, and it surprised me to see children sitting by themselves. A little girl, no more than 8 years old, came up sat beside me on the very top row of seats.

My husband helped me set the bread machine before we left. We came home to the house smelling of warm, freshly baked, rye bread. Yum! I took some home made spinach & artichoke cheese dip out of the freezer, so for dinner we can eat that with the fresh bread and some chicken. I don't know how I'm going to prepare the chicken thighs yet though. I'll probaby bake them.

It's going to be an early night for me... as usual when I'm working. I'm already tired, which is surprising since I've stayed up till 2:00am every other night.

I think I'll go take my bath now. It'll help get rid of this headache that has developed, probably from the movie speakers. Tea would be good about now too.
We watched Ghostbusters last night, and it inspired me to post some pictures.

I was on a course with the military in Kingston, Ontario. We all went out drinking one night, and found ourselves in an empty bar... I think it was Stages. We decided to stay because it was almost like a private club for us, and there were more than enough of us to keep partying. Dan Aykroyd ended up coming into the bar with a bunch of body guards. I got my picute taken with him. I was 20 years old in these pics. Yes, I was smoking a big cigar, and yes, I was hammered )

Another story for you...

My husband bought me a picture for Christmas (I think) and one for himself, and got them framed & matted. This was back in the "too poor for bus fare" days, so we had to walk to the big mall and back. Our pictures were done so we went to pick them up. Instead of just carrying a huge box home, we wrote on it with marker to make it fun. ;)

Honk if you love... )

Sorry for the picture quality. Our scanner is a bit old now.
I can hear the neighbour's dog barking non-stop outside. They must have just gotten it. You can tell it's still a puppy by the high, pierce-your-brain, pitch of the bark. I am so happy to have a good dog. Vicki only barked for the first couple days when we tried to put her in her kennel overnight. Now the only time she barks, and it's not even close to the bark I mentioned above, is when she's still in her kennel first thing in the morning because she has to go potty.

Her new trick will be "Roll over." It's already proving to be a difficult task because she thinks we're playing with her. I think she's been playing with Munchie too long because she rolls on her back, puts her feet in the air, and starts kicking. Not much of a roll!

My posts are going to die down over the next couple of days while I get everything in order for the "vacation." We leave on Thursday so I won't be posting much there after. My mom does have internet though, so I'll try to keep up, and let you know how everything's going. Pictures will come once we get back.

I totally forgot to write about Audition. )
The day just flew. I worked the midnight shift, so I slept through most of the day. We got our first batch of movies in today. How's that for fast?! It only took one day. I'm still open for suggestions on what movies to rent. I am dead tired now, and am going to bed. Maybe I will wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow, and get back to a normal sleeping schedule. Good night!


May. 31st, 2005 01:42 am
Hubby signed up for Zip today!! YAY!! It’s like Netflix for Canadians. And they’re located in Ottawa. Bonus. \m/@_x\m/

Now I can watch all those Roman Polanski movies that I have wanted to see, but couldn’t find in BlockBuster. As well, I can get animes, and all the foreign movies I want. My favourite genre lately has been Japanese horror. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] angelavalon’s comment in my movie post, I will be getting Audition soon. Now I see there are more movies by Takashi Miike that I’ll have to watch. I am a sucker for horror movies!

So we completely changed our Bell XpressVu plan. We pretty much dumped everything, including the movie channels... of course! We kept my favourite channel, A&E, and will have plenty of channels left that air CSI, House, and Desperate Housewives. Our bill will go from $90 to $45 a month. Zip will cost about $25 a month. We will save even more on all the rentals we won’t be picking up. New releases are nearly $6 after tax.

This is cool. There haven’t been any good new releases lately (like 3 years). The movie channels were starting to blow too. They only play one star movies it seems. Now we can search through 32,000 titles to find movies we want to watch.

Now then… anybody have some movie recommendations?? =8D
1) Total number of films you own on DVD/video: DVDs: hmmmmm Probably about 30, but this doesn't include the burned DVDs. We still have a bunch of VHS tapes, probably about 70.

2) The last film you bought: The last film we bought was Solaris. I've seen it before, but my husband hasn't, and it was only $6.. about the price of a rental. I am not the DVD buyer in the house. lol

3)The last film you watched: Star Wars Episode III (saw it in the theatre).

4) Five films that you watch a lot or that mean a lot to you: Dude, Where's My Car (We saw this in the theatre, but I didn't see much of the movie *blushes*), X-Men (Hubby bought this one for me because I <3 Wolverine :D ), The Wedding Singer (I love this one, and I love the soundtrack too), Happy Gilmore (I must have seen it about 20 times when it first came out on VHS), Shrek 1 & Shrek 2 (They are just too cute!).

4.5) Five cheesy films that you love, but probably won't admit to loving (unless you're me): 5 more movies, eh? Ok The Secret World Of Santa Claus (It's not a movie, it's a VHS tape with different episodes of the cartoon. I don't know which volume I have.. I can't find it on google. Hubby bought it for me for X-mas around 2001. I love that cartoon. lol), All of the Classic Christmas cartoons (Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Dr. Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Christmas / Horton Hears a Who, etc), The Ring (I didn't jump like my husband did. hehe I still want to see The Ring Two), St Johns Wort (It's a Japanese horror flick), Super Model (It's a Chinese ripoff of Zoolander. I thought it was hilarious) I'll throw a 6th movie in here since this question was so hard lol The Eye (This movie actually scared the crap out of me. I watched it alone in bed and I was afraid to go to sleep afterward. It's another Japanese horror.).

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal: I won't tag, but if anyone wants to steal this feel free. You can also post a comment here with your answers if you feel so inclined. ;-)
I am done my day shifts now. Yay! Two more nights to go.

Near the end of my shift today, the boss got everyone's attention and said "We have more important things to discuss right now. Like, who's bringing in the movie tomorrow night. Do you guys feel like ordering in pizza?" I have the best shift EVA! Everyone quickly turned back to their computers to google new releases. I have been given the title of "Movie Queen" because I usually bring in the movies.

I was chosen to bring in the movies for tomorrow night. Before we all went home, we could only come up with "National Treasure." I am looking forward to this one; I heard it was good. I just got back from BlockBuster and I grabbed "Suspect Zero" and "The Assination of Richard Nixon."

Damn, now I am in the mood to watch a movie tonight. lol :P
Here I am, working my shifts again. Only 7 1/2 hours till the end of this shift. And 2 midnight shifts till I am off for 2 weeks. :)) I have no plans for my days off, other than picking up some stuff from Ashton Green... maybe. Not much has been going on since my last entry. You all know that I am a zombie once I start my string of shifts. :S

Well, we did go see Sin City a couple of days ago. It was pretty good. I liked how they used black and white and added colour here and there. White blood on a black suit - Neat!

On my drive to work this morning I saw the gorgeous pink sky bouncing its reflection off the Canal. I wished I had my camera on me. I hope that wasn't a sign for more rain though. ^^; I should really get some pictures, one of these days, of my morning drive to work. I would also like to take a pic of downtown at night.

I like to read up on national news when I get to work. There were some interesting articles this morning. I read this article, and all I can say is "WTF???"

He may have beaten, sexually assaulted and killed his common-law wife but if he did, he was too drunk to remember...

"I don't know if I did, I don't think I did," said Daley, 25

Gah, it just boggles the mind.

Well, I hope to post again soon... C'ya!
I baked bread today and it took longer than I expected. We were going to see the movie "Sin City," but ended up going to "Sahara" because it started a half hour later. I loved it!!!

Scene from Sahara

There was lots of action, and it was really funny. I laughed all through the movie.

Scene from Sahara

I recommend you go see it.

After the movie, we had a quick dinner of BBQ'd smokies on buns and bruschetta. The bread I made earlier today was a lazy method of Ciabatta (I won't post the link because there are better recipes). It came out alright, but wasn't as authentic as claimed. It was good bread though, and the bruschetta turned out really nice. We toasted the bread on the BBQ, then broiled it for about 7 minutes.



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