Cock Sucker

Feb. 7th, 2007 05:58 pm
I found another gem in Serenity's drawers. It's a sucker in the shape of a rooster that I got from a restaurant when I was in Israel. It's a cock sucker. haha

Cock Sucker
Cock Sucker
07 Feb 07

OK, back to cleaning. Maybe I'll find more goodies to post later. lol
I am in the middle of weeding. I had to take an unplanned break.

Weeding around the cactus. You know this isn't going to be pretty. )
Remember last night when I said how much I hated my food processor?

Problem Solved )

Here are more pictures for you. :) They are kinda random, however they do have a "painting" theme. You will see the old wall colour, my cats goofing around, and a glimpse of the new colour.

Hope you enjoy! (+8) )
I just ate a huge breakfast! lol I was hoping to make a sandwich when I woke up, but there was only one piece of bread left. So instead of making soup or something quick, I just cooked myself a big breakfast-y meal. I had a piece of toast, some maple sausages, an egg, 2 potato patties, and some fried onion. I love onion and had a craving for it. I was actually going to fry some up and then add it to grilled cheese sandwiches, so I ate it over my egg instead. :)

heh This morning was pretty crazy for driving. There is one road on my drive where deer frequent, but it was really foggy and I wouldn't be able to tell if one was on the road in front of me. When I got home, I took Vicki out to pee, then grabbed the camera and snapped a couple pictures from the road behind our house. At this time the fog had already started to dissipate. There are so many times I wish I brought a camera with me everywhere... just for the beautiful things I see and want to share with you. Like the city at night as seen from my office building in downtown Ottawa... one of these days!

2 pics taken at 6:30am )

Yesterday when I was leaving for work I noticed the car was covered in muck. It was really weird. It looked like a neighbour flung poo all over it. I got to the car after hubby said he already cleaned part of it. I can only imagine how filthy it was before he drove it. It was so gross that I had to go to the gas station on my way to work to clean the windows. It's a good thing I always leave early for work or I would have been late.

Hubby booked our trip to Vegas last night. We'll be staying in a spa suite at the Luxor. He added another day to our itinerary too, so that's awesome! I can't wait!!!!!!
Puppy school is tonight, and even though I have a lot of things to do today, I decided to take Vicki to the dog park to wear her out so she won't be so hyper for class. Last time I went and posted pictures, my husband said he was disappointed that I didn't take any of Vicki playing with other dogs. So for him, and anyone else who was disappointed, here are more pictures from today.

24 pictures )

And now I have about 5 minutes left until we go to puppy school tonight. I'll try to update again later.
Here are some pictures because I wanted you to see Vicki feeling great, and how much snow we got. I hope you enjoy!

7 more pictures )
We had our fondue dinner tonight. Our friend's girlfriend couldn't make it so we ended up with a lot of leftover food. We would have ended up with too much food leftover anyways. lol And I sent him packing home with some of my dips and a jar of our homemade marmalade. There's enough food leftover that we will probably be having another fondue tomorrow... that or we're just eating the leftover nibbles for dinner.

Dinner & Dessert Fondue (4 pictures) )
My husband is taking the car to get washed so I snapped some pictures of it before he takes off. It rained the other day and now everything is covered in ice. Our main roads have since been plowed and salted, but side streets, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks are still icy.

Canadian Winter )

The car is still warming up. It's been about 15 minutes now and the ice is still too hard to chip away. I prefer the weather of Northern Ontario because there is more snow & cold and less ice & rain.
I took Vicki for a walk tonight to look at all the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood. The first 2 pictures are Vicki showing off her new sweater in the house.

Look at all the pretty lights! (11 pics) )
I finally made one yesterday.

Check it out, man. :P

3 more with a bonus pic of my fridge for someone )
Like where all the room in my fridge went!

It's like a Halloween loot! )

Hey! I already told you I was crazy. ;)
I have a fucking headache. Can you tell? I was going to make lunch, but now I have to clean up a fucking plant. Oh great. The fucking dog puked all over the goddamn house too. I think I’m gonna be sick.

Kill. Me. Now.

My husband and I woke up early (hey, 9:30 is pretty early for a day off!) and spent the whole day walking downtown. We parked on Queen Elizabeth Drive and walked along the canal for sometime. Then we ate lunch at Canal Ritz. We strolled through Chinatown and I bought various items from the market... mostly noodles (Udon, Rice Sticks, Rice Vermiccelli). I didn't get any chicken flavoured dried peas, even though "Happi snack for happi time" did sound quite promising :) I even found a couple large Naruto Scrolls, but I didn't buy one. We went back to the Sparks Street Mall to window shop. I bought a coffee scented candle - Yum!! We ended our walk with a pint at Cocks and Lions. What a great pub; it really has the dank going on. Here are today's pics taken in Chinatown...

Salted Jellyfish

Salted Jellyfish

Fish Tank

Fish Tank in the Market

Salted Duck Eggs

Salted Duck Eggs - These were found in almost every store. Some were packaged neatly in styrofoam crates.

Chinese Restaurant

This was a pretty cool looking building we passed on the way back to the car. It's a Chinese Restaurant on Bank (up near Sparks Street). We will have to go there again to eat there one day.

That's it for me now - time for bed. Gotta work tomorrow... early (and long!) day ahead of me.


Apr. 13th, 2005 01:26 am
My mom was up for a visit from Kakabeka Falls a couple of weeks ago. When she was here she bought me a gorgeous Orchid in bloom. She has a good eye for plants. She spotted this one which is actually 2 seperate plants growing in one pot. It's really pretty. I hope to have better pictures taken later. My husband promised to take some for me with his new camera.





Thank you again, mom, I love it!!

My husband was able to get work off today, so we decided to spend the day wandering around town. He got a new camera for an early B-day present so he took a tonne of pics. We visited this old barn behind our mall, walked around the Black Rapids, and then went to Sparks Street. Sadly, we forgot that all stores here close early on Sunday. And I was soooo looking forward to shopping. We came home and made Pizza on the Grill. It was pretty tastey. We still had to throw it under our oven broiler to melt the mozza on top. The only thing I used from this recipe was the dough. I added my own toppings. The dough reminded me of Naan. It all washed down nicely with a cold brew ;)

Peacetower, Ottawa

Hubby took this pic of the Peacetower as we walked by the Parliament Buildings.



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