Vicki woke me up to go pee this morning. I've been sitting here in my pajamas since 7:00am... and it feels good! hehe I haven't done a lick of work... yet. I've just been playing around online.

I finally got my husband, [ profile] nodeg, to show me podcasts last night and my iTunes keeps crashing. I have no idea why. I downloaded spy bot search and destroy & ad aware again. Then I ran a full search with those programs plus a boot scan with my anti virus program. Other than a couple tracking cookies, there was nothing on my computer. The virus scan came up clean, so that's good. I just updated my iTunes yesterday, and it's been acting weird since. This is the first time I've tried to use iTunes on this computer. Last night when hubby was showing me how to use it on my computer it was crashing on him too. Now it opens for a second, and when I go into Podcasts it closes immediately. Anybody know what's going on?

Vicki is being good so far this morning. She finally stopped chasing the cats and has been laying in the sun on the spare bed. I just fed her lunch, but I don't think she's hungry. My husband is going to take some pics of me and Vicki for my mom because she wants to see how much her grand dog has grown. We tried the other night, but the camera settings were off, hubby didn't use the flash, then the card was full, etc, etc... Maybe we'll try again later today.

It was very sunny so the pictures I just took came out really dark. I use my husband's camera, but I really don't know what I'm doing. lol I just point and click and hope they come out good. :)

You can still see how beautiful she is though (+4) )
I just realized my MIL entered her dog in the contest too! I have to give one vote to Patches and one vote to Pooky.

Please go vote for Patches!!!

I totally forgot about the Pooch Icon. Way to go Dixie getting your third place! I'm glad she'll be getting some cookies.

Velvet & Satinjbredrebel entered her sweet dog into December's contest. Please go vote for Pooky. She's dressed in a Christmas bandana is very lovable.

Vote Pooky!!!

Thanks Velvet & Satinanomie666, for passing on the results. I haven't been notified by email yet, but Vicki is officially the winner.

What a nightmare! I'm so glad it's finally over. I think we won after all! We were 13 votes ahead last time I checked. I tried to refresh, but the poll was closed. *crosses fingers*

Thanks again for all your help! It's much appreciated!

A few of my last posts on the contest will self-destruct. There was just too much frustration around the contest, that I don't want to keep such a negative entry on my journal. Thank goodness it's all over now!

Sorry if my frustration poured through in my writing. I just couldn't believe the dirty playing that was going on. Some may argue that posting this contest here in LJ is "dirty play," but I wouldn't have heard of the contest if it wasn't posted on LJ. And the bakery owner has said that most of the contestants are entered because they've heard of the contest through message boards or forums. Campaigning online for votes is well within the rules. We wouldn't have had to push as hard as we did if somebody wasn't doing youknowwhat, but it looks like our efforts paid off in the end.

I'm just happy to help the Happy Doggie Bakery get publicity! They surely deserve all the name dropping they get from this contest... especially from this month's contest. lol

It's over!! *whew*

Just a side note: If anyone is entering their dog for December, my vote has already been promised to Vicki's bestest online friend, Roxy. I already found out that there's going to be a conflict in November. :(

My husband got a screen shot of what the poll was at before it closed )

I've been reading everyone all day, was just too wound up to leave any worthwhile comments. I had so much that I wanted to update too. I'll have the pickle recipes tomorrow, as well as some miscellaneous pictures.

Velvet & Satina_healthy_me, I got your package today! Thanks so much, hun! I'll be emailing you tomorrow.

Hey Velvet & Satinscotty2naughty, I just wanted to remind you about [ profile] focus_focus. If you still want me to help out, I'd be more than happy! I know you've been busy, just send me an email with the details when you get a chance. :D I'm still deciding on a picture to enter for "fear."

I got a double batch of apple crisp baked this afternoon, and I barely made a dent in that 10lb bag. lol

We got way more kids than planned. We had to turn off the lights and turn kids away 'cause we were out of candy. They got mad and smashed our pumpkins. Last year we got about 25 kids at the most. This year I did up 30 loot bags and had enough candy on the side for another 20, and we turned about 10 more kids away. We figure that it's because we didn't decorate last year and the kids probably thought nobody was home. We'll know for next year though! I'll plan for 85 - 100.

My husband got a cool zombie shooting game. We were playing that downstairs while we waited for the kids. That was fun!!

Now that I am more relaxed, I think it’s time to hit the hay. Good night! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!
One more day to go for the contest. My husband has already thrown in the towel. It's almost impossible to win honestly when you're up against cheaters. As soon as we start catching up, the mixed mutt team starts power voting. They got 10 votes since I last refreshed (about 2 hours ago). I can almost picture the guy sitting there eating Doritos in his pyjamas while changing his IP every time we start to catch up. I know the win was ours... before they had to cancel it last time... and before they started cheating this time.

If half my friends list could get half of their list to vote, we'd be set. We can win this! I have a hard time believing that. I wish I never entered Vicki this month... too many cheaters... but we're here now so we have to finish it. I actually stopped paying attention to the contest until yesterday... and I've only checked the votes a couple times since.

Moving on to other things...

The pickles are mostly done. I didn't realize that the onions had to soak for 12 - 18 hours in salt water. I started those first thing, so they'll be ready to pickle tomorrow morning. It's funny how long everything takes just for a couple jars.

I found a 10lb bag of McIntosh apples for $6 or $7 so I bought it. I didn't think I'd be able to get them much cheaper. I want to make some apple crisp tomorrow afternoon before the kids start showing up. I am really excited to see the little kids in their costumes. I'll try to post the recipes tomorrow if I get a chance. I'm too tired tonight after all the hours I just spent in the kitchen. lol

Here's a picture of the finished pickles. I really hope they taste good 'cause they're all new recipes! We'll know if the recipes are worth keeping in a couple of months. lol

pickles pic )

I'm exhausted and will probably lay down and watch TV.

Oh, before I leave, if anyone is interested in Watkins products let me know. My mother in-law sells their stuff, and also has a Watkins journal ([ profile] watkinsdaze). She hasn't had time to update it since she joined LJ though, so if you're interested leave me a comment (or email if you prefer - just let me know!), and I can pass your request to her. She has her own personal LJ ([ profile] mjfs2005) as well, but she's a very busy woman. She delivers to something like 12 flyer routes, sells Tupperware, Watkins, and she probably has more jobs than that. I just thought I'd mention it because she's always looking for more costumers and they have great kitchen products (even cookie mixes if you like to cheat lol). They have lots of great gift ideas if you're looking for something for Christmas. She gives us loads of their products and they are always delicious... very good quality! I don't know how it works for the US (I know Watkins sells there, and there's a seperate catalogue) because we're in Canada, but she might be able to work something out.

Have a good night! And if I don't talk to you tomorrow, have a safe and happy Halloween!!!


Oct. 23rd, 2005 01:38 pm
Vote for Vicki! We're losing to a "Goldie Poo" mixed dog. Vicki is way cuter than it. lol

We are technically allowed to vote once a day, but with the new poll configuration, only those who get a new IP when they connect to the internet (depending on your service provider) have the advantage of voting more than once.

Please go vote!

Ack! =(

Oct. 17th, 2005 06:07 pm
We are losing the contest big time! I think Team Vicki lost a lot of support over the confusion of the contest being cancelled. :( We are only at 64 votes, barely holding onto second place. If you haven't voted yet, please go vote!

Please help spread the word on Team Vicki! We need more recruiting support to win this!

Thanks for supporting our pooper! hehe I'll do a Vicki photo shoot at the beginning of November, if we win this. :P

I have only been able to vote once because it tells me I voted already on each new day. I guess that's the limit now. Let me know if you've been able to vote more than once...EDIT: You can only vote once (per computer IP) in this contest.

Thanks again!!!
The pooch icon poll is back up! Go Team Vicki!!!

Please show your support and vote for her everyday! :D


I am going to be MIA right after I type this. I have a lot of cooking to do today!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yesterday I had to go out to Candian Tire to get some yard waste bags so I got some chalkboard paint while I was there. Then I swung by Walmart *shudder* and Staples to find some coloured chalk. No luck, so I went to A Buck Or Two and they had some. :D Now we have to make a stencil to spray the paint onto the canisters.

My husband is working, so I have the kitchen all to myself today. I will try to get more pictures of "stuff" today. :D I don't know what I mean by "stuff" either. lol Maybe food, maybe recipes, maybe another house tour... I dunno... no promises 'cause I am too busy today!

I got most of the Halloween decorations up yesterday... which isn't much, but enough to make me smile. :) I don't know if I can hang the old skeleton and pumpkin string lights. I don't know where to put them so they are close to an outlet, and I don't think we have a spare extension cord. I might be able to put them around the window, and in that case I can just buy an extension cord. I have some cob web with plastic spiders to put outside somewhere... I'm thinking from the post of the house, right up near the left side of the door. That will discourage any kids from walking through the garden too. Oh yeah! I still have some little ghost and pumpkin (I think) bags to fill and hang from the tree out front. The decorations won't be too sparse afterall.

I forgot to tell you all that my husband, [ profile] nodeg, updated his journal the other day. He posted a wonderful recipe for Salsa Chicken that is very easy, but oh so delicious. It's a family recipe now because we make it often. lol Go check him out! If you haven't read him before, he posts a lot of cool links. He doesn't update often ('cause blogging is for girls? lol) but when he does it's worth reading. He has another site back up and running, so some of his LJ posts are mirrored over at: If you visit his main site ( check out the section called "My links". He's got some neat stuff linked in there.

And just a reminder that the pooch icon contest will be restarting tomorrow... or possibly the day after. Due to cheating, they were forced to scrap the whole thing and start over.

I hope everyone has a good holiday... or a good Monday! ;)
The pooch icon contest has been cancelled. I knew it would happen, and in a way I am glad. Now all the cheaters can be weeded out because they will be using a better system and bringing in an expert. This month's contest has been cancelled, but they will be re-entering all dogs (whose owners still want to participate) on Tuesday, 11 October. The new contest will run for the remainder of the month of October. For everyone who still wants to support Team Vicki, please check back on Tuesday to vote. I know last week some of us were having trouble voting everyday because the poll was giving errors. If that happens again, please let me know so I can send an email off to the Happy Doggie Bakery owner. They're switching to a new system so they should be made aware of any errors.

Thanks for all the support you have given Team Vicki last week. I am quite sure that none on my friends were cheating, and am confident that Vicki would have won without the ballot stuffing cheaters.

Let's make the contest fun again like it was in the beginning!

Check back on the 11th and vote for your favourite Canadian puppy, Vicki. The new voting link at the bottom of the page should be activated when the new contest is open.

While you're there, why not buy some cookies too! Your doggie will be very appreciative. I know Vicki loves those treats!
Someone out there is cheating and is speed voting more than once for several dogs. The Happy Doggie Bakery owner has received several terrible emails accusing her of fixing the contest. I assure you that she wouldn't do that.

It's sad because the contest was so fun in the beginning, and now it's been spoiled. I hope that whoever is cheating stops. It doesn't even feel worth the effort for a $25 prize anymore.

I am going to submit my one vote a day and not worry about the scores until October 31st. Thanks to all my friends who have been supporting Vicki and playing the game fair.

Help support this Canadian company that gives back to the community. The treats are awesome! Just ask Vicki! lol They smell good enough to eat. Just ask my husband! lol He actually ate one 'cause they smelled so good. ;) Please spread the good word on the Happy Doggie Bakery.

I only hope that Happy Doggie Bakery gets more customers out of this contest, after all the flack they've been getting.

That's it until 31 Oct 05. Again, thanks for playing fair!
If you caught my last entry, you will notice that we are no longer in the lead. We litterally watched Spike go from 554 to 1805 1849 within half a fucking hour. They had to be cheating. That pisses me off. We were doing so well and now someone has to play unfair. Arghhhhhhhh!! I hope the poll really does log their IP because I would put the $25 prize on it! lol
Some people are having trouble with voting for Team Vicki.

You are allowed to vote everday. The trouble is that the service used for the poll records the time that you last voted. If you try to vote before 24 hours is up, you will get the message "You've Already Voted!" For example: If you vote at 11:45pm on 5 Oct, it will not let you vote again at 12:15am on 6 Oct.

If that happens, just delete your internet cookies (Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Cookies). You should be able to go back and enter your vote again, this time having it accepted. It should give you the message "Thank you!"

Another way to ensure you can vote without having your vote deleted is to vote at roughly the same time each day.

Please note that if you continue to delete your cookies and vote several times a day, your extra votes will be disqualified. Your IP is recorded and any extra votes are removed from the server at the end of every day.

You can still vote on multiple computers (home & work). I appreciate all your efforts to recruit friends and family into this race!

The contest runs through all of October, so please continue to vote daily!

We are kicking butt right now! )

Keep up the good work, guys!

EDIT 1: Holy crap!@! Spike has gone up nearly a thousand votes in the last half hour! What the???!?! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

EDIT 2: SERIOUSLY! GO HIT REFRESH ON THE POLL. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!! It goes up about 3 votes by the time I can hit refresh. I hope they are cheating 'cause it seems impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... with Vicki's contest! I want her to win it so baddddddddd. Thanks for everyone who is being so supportive of Team Vicki. I hate to spam you constantly with this poll, but I can't stand the thought of losing. Vicki is the cutest! lol One of the youngest in the running too. So far we are up in the votes, but it doesn't take long for someone to pull up out of nowhere! Henry got over 100 votes in 2 hours... or was it 200 votes in 1 hour? Anyways it can change quickly! Crazy!@!

The stats so far: )

A very big thanks to [ profile] sdunderkoffler for posting this to her journal! And a big thanks to all those who are recruiting friends and family to join Team Vicki! *big HUGS*


Would you believe that after I brought my husband his lunch and went to clothing stores at work today, I came home and did nothing? I still have some laundry to do and a bathroom to clean, but I didn't do it! Sometimes I get like that. I get in cleaning frenzies and you can't stop me. Other times I just don't feel like cleaning. The foot clinic receptionist called me today while I was out and left a 5 digit phone number. I had to look up the number, but I went to the bathroom first and totally forgot about getting the number and calling. If she had left the whole number to begin with I would have called right away, but instead I will have to play phone tag. I suck at phone tag. lol I just don't call back. :P Somebody remind me on..??.. I guess Friday since I won't be off until then. Man that sucks. lol

You guys are such great sports about this contest. I am going to do a photo post before bed tonight. I don't know which room I will do. Maybe the bedroom and the ensuite, or the living room... we'll see!

Thanks again everyone!


Oct. 4th, 2005 12:19 pm
Holy crap! Henry is in the lead out of nowhere! Go Team Vicki!
Ok guys, I need your help! Vicki has been entered in the Pooch Icon contest for Happy Doggie Bakery.

Today is the first day of voting, and one dog has already gotten 22 votes. Eeep!

Please vote today and everyday until the contest is over.

Thank you!

Go vote for Vicki!!

It looks like everyone’s first choice in my last poll was the picture of Vicki sitting on the couch with the cats. That was my favourite too. Thanks to all those who voted to help me decide! I hope you guys will go to the Happy Doggie Bakery site to vote for her in October. :D hehe

The Happy Doggie Bakery brought a bunch of peanut butter bones over last night. Vicki nearly took me down when she leapt to get a bone out of my hand. lol There is no need to say how much she liked them. They kindly threw in a couple extra bones for the spoiled girl. That was really nice.

On to other things...

I was watching TV in bed last night and guess what was on. Naruto was playing on YTV... in English! I couldn’t believe it... well, I probably should since it was bound to happen. It looked like they were playing the first episode. I didn’t much care for the English version. Naruto sounds adorable in the sub titled ones, but in the English dubbed one he sounds like an annoying brat. I think the translation is a little different too. I’ll probably still watch it though. hehe

I started my work shifts yesterday, so I’ll be working night shifts tomorrow and Monday. Then I’ll be off for 5 1/2 days. Sep 24th & 25th is the Artists and Artisans sidewalk sale in Merickville. I mentioned a while back that we were planning on going to this event. I am hoping to get some X-Mas shopping done. :D

We still have to fix that fuc leak in the bathroom, but won’t get around to it until we are on days off. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. *sigh*

I have a Photoshop project in mind. I want to make some more icons of Vicki. I have a few ideas.

Now I must go eat something!
I need your help!

As I said before, I want to enter Vicki into the Pooch Icon Contest for Happy Doggie Bakery.

Here are the pictures I think are the best choices. Help me pick out which one you think is THE best.

These are in order from my favourite to least. )

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