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I'm back

Jul. 6th, 2005 07:12 pm
I'm finally home! Dead tired too. I go back to work on Sunday. :( Vacation wasn't long enough... although I am thrilled to be back home in Ottawa with my cats. I'll go through the pictures tomorrow and maybe post some. Good night.
As promised, I am finally going away on "vacation." I am going to my hometown of Thunder Bay (pop. 117,000). The place with a "giant heart," the home of "The Sleeping Giant," and the creator of the "Persian." The city with the highest Finnish population in Canada. The city where old people go to retire, and young people can't move away fast enough. We are going camping for the Canada Day Weekend (July 1st). I already got my fireworks!! I won't be very LJ active, but I'll try to check in every couple days [or so] from my mom's house. Don't worry... I'll be back soon enough. Try not to miss me!

Catch you later. :P
I can hear the neighbour's dog barking non-stop outside. They must have just gotten it. You can tell it's still a puppy by the high, pierce-your-brain, pitch of the bark. I am so happy to have a good dog. Vicki only barked for the first couple days when we tried to put her in her kennel overnight. Now the only time she barks, and it's not even close to the bark I mentioned above, is when she's still in her kennel first thing in the morning because she has to go potty.

Her new trick will be "Roll over." It's already proving to be a difficult task because she thinks we're playing with her. I think she's been playing with Munchie too long because she rolls on her back, puts her feet in the air, and starts kicking. Not much of a roll!

My posts are going to die down over the next couple of days while I get everything in order for the "vacation." We leave on Thursday so I won't be posting much there after. My mom does have internet though, so I'll try to keep up, and let you know how everything's going. Pictures will come once we get back.

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