What a lazy bum
What a lazy bum
Munchie eating lol

Kitty Cats

Jun. 2nd, 2007 12:26 pm
2 Pictures of the Love Birds )

Kitty Bunk

Dec. 9th, 2006 04:23 pm
These are pictures from Wednesday night, after I got the basinette put together.

What's that in the bottom? I think someone wants to test the weight limit, just to be safe. ;-) )

Kitty Love

Nov. 13th, 2006 11:46 am
I took these pictures on Friday (Nov 10th). It amazes me how much these two adore each other. They are an inseparable match made in heaven.

Spooning Kitties! )
My husband started painting the nursery!

Pictures! )
I have to give a HUMONGOUS thanks to [livejournal.com profile] canadiandreamr for getting me this room at such a great price. She's saving us $60 a night! The room is gorgeous too. I wish I had known there'd be a kitchenette with a microwave. The website for this hotel is kinda wonky. I found out they have wireless internet before we left so we packed the laptop. Now I have LJ to keep me company, so tonight I won't be too bored while my husband is at work.

Vicki has been driving me batty since we got here. The poor cats are still a bit freaked out and have spent the entire time under the beds. Anytime they try to come out, the damn dog chases them back under. Binka is getting to used to the room quicker than Munchie. She'll actually come up onto the bed with me when I call her. I can't get Munchie to move an inch under the bed. lol

When I took Vicki to go pee earlier, the lobby was full of people, a couple kids too. She gets so excited to see new people. I can control her, but she really fights her leash. When we came back in, I waited by the elevators to go back to our room. An old couple stood waiting for the elevator with me. I was not too pleased at the idea of sharing an elevator because every other time we got in it, she'd go nuts and jump around on the walls. I think she's curious of her own reflection because the elevators are mirrored. Anyways, the old man gets on and lets out a fart. Then says "She needs a better walk." I refrained from blurting out "You need some Gas-X." They get off on the 3rd floor while we had to go up several more flights inhaling his nasty ass smell he left behind.

EDIT: I should've mentioned that Vicki was behaving when the old man was around us. She was visibly excited, but sat and stayed put when I told her to. I just think that you shouldn't critisize someone unless you are perfect.

So my job now is try to keep Vicki away from the cat food in the kitchenette. We only brought enough for a couple days and that dog can chow it all down in seconds. Cat food is her favourite food. I'd pick the food up, but Munchie still hasn't gone in the kitchenette to find anything (litter, food, and water).

And while I'm talking about that dog, I'll tell you one of her latest habits. It's charming, really. If she has to go poo, she'll fart for about an hour before the urge hits her. You can tell she's going to ask to go soon because as soon as she farts, she bends herself in half and rests her nose against her butt cheek just taking it all in. Sometimes if it's really stinky she'll start biting her bum. Weird dog.

Love Nest

Aug. 9th, 2006 07:49 pm
Love Nest )
I hate going to work when I have to leave these little snuggle bums behind. I came home this morning to find them like this on the couch. lol I submitted the first one for the Animals round of [livejournal.com profile] snapshot_hunter.

Typical Male & My Little Princess )

Pet Piccies

Apr. 4th, 2006 12:36 pm
Munchie and Vicki (+7) )
Here are more pictures for you. :) They are kinda random, however they do have a "painting" theme. You will see the old wall colour, my cats goofing around, and a glimpse of the new colour.

Hope you enjoy! (+8) )
Here are some pictures from yesterday as promised. +5 )

This is Munchie's third Christmas. He always gets into the holiday spirit. When he's not wrestling Binka inside the Christmas tree, he likes to help me wrap gifts.

WARNING: Too Cute!! )
I *tried* to make the bed after I washed laundry last night...

I saved the best pictures for last )
It's my handsome boy's birthday today, 14 Aug 05. Munchie is 3 years old. :D

Hard to believe he was this small...

That's Munchie with Bogey. Bogey was 20 years old in this picutre and passed away a few months later. Bogey was a small kitty. Munchie idolized Bogey and had to be with him all the time... even when Bogey was tired of his little friend. Munchie was about 3 months old in this picture. You can sort of see the grey stipe on his head, which has since disappeared.

And this is a picture I just took of my baby.
Every morning we feed Binka & Munchie canned food. They greet us at our bedroom door when they hear our first movements. My husband and I work shift work, often working opposite days, so we came up with a sign method to let each other know if the cats were fed or not. You cannot trust those 2 to be truthful. They will team up and do a pretty good job of acting like starving cats who haven’t been fed yet.

Here’s the sign I made...

Front & Back of Cat Sign )
I feel guilty for posting more pics of Munchie than I do Binka, but Munchie is such a ham and always posing for us. Here he is making himself a bed out of a box we got in the mail.

Here’s Our Munch In A Box )



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